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Find contract flow from start to finish

Oneflow transforms the outdated contract process into a wonderfully connected pre-sign, sign, and post-sign digital experience. See how with this product tour.

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Build responsive truly digital contracts, fast. Blink and it’s done.

Use our templates

Save time with pre-built contract templates. And easily customize using our intuitive contract editor. 

Generate contracts with OpenAI inside Oneflow Generate contracts with OpenAI inside Oneflow

Use AI Assist

You can generate content for contracts simply by asking your very own AI assistant to do it for you. Take inspiration from AI Assist to get contracts written faster, and with higher quality.

Create your own

Build templates from scratch using Oneflow’s editing tools. Use and re-use for all your contracts.

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Share a video

Stand out from your competition. Record or upload a video running through your offer in Oneflow.

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Control permissions

Open up or lock down parts of your templates to control what your colleagues or signers are allowed to edit.

Use the latest version

Make sure your team uses the most up-to-date template for a contract. Say goodbye to old or incorrect templates creating mess or confusion.

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Work together on one version in real-time. No hocus pocus.

Edit live

Flow through negotiation by making changes to the contract live, even after it’s sent. And everyone sees the changes in real-time. Never resend a new version ever again.

Make fields interactive

Leave fields and product tables open for participants to fill in themselves. Easily add new items if the scope increases and get automatic calculations if you give a discount.

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Stay one step ahead

Digital contracts come with live notifications, so you’ll know exactly when the other party opens, updates, signs or rejects the contract.

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Keep comments together

Comment directly into Oneflow so all remarks and promises are securely saved together with the contract.

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See every change

No changes pass unnoticed. All amends made throughout the process are saved in the audit trail.

Clicking fingers Clicking fingers


Get secure, compliant, and legally-binding signatures on any device, anywhere. Agreed right before your very eyes!

Use advanced e-signatures

Sign your contracts with electronic IDs in the Nordic countries. Or sign with email and SMS authentication. Even e-sign with one click. Whatever you need to seal the deal.

Secure with a seal

Once your contract is signed, it’s protected with a qualified electronic seal so the content can’t be changed. And you can check the authenticity independently of Oneflow.

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View on mobile

70% of B2B contracts are signed on the phone. Oneflow lets recipients review on any device and sign with a tap.

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Safeguard and keep track of contract lifecycles, all in one place. Ta-da!

Forget about compliance

Remove any personal data you don’t need automatically. Set up smart workflows to delete expired and rejected contracts, so you’ll never have to worry about neglecting GDPR.

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Control access

Make sure only the right users have access to what they need. By dividing users into roles and groups with different permissions, your contracts are safe from unwanted access.

Get automatic reminders

Receive real-time notifications for important contract events, like automatic contract renewals or project expiries.

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Get smarter instantly with live insights at every step. No illusions or guesswork.

See real-time insights

Stay on top of individual and team performance in real-time on the dashboard. Understand signing lead times, monthly total contract values, and much more.

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Connect contracts to business systems and make life easier with automation. Efficiency, right out of thin air.

Stay in sync

Digital contracts are dynamic, processable and usable. The data are live so your systems are always in sync with the latest updates on your contracts.

Work smarter

Use the data you already have to automate contract workflows, from creating contracts to getting paid. Spend less time on routine tasks and more time on work that matters.

Native integrations

Speed up your workflows inside your CRM or ATS systems. Automate routine tasks, reduce errors, and save time.

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Connect to any app

Extend, expand, and automate contract workflows in the apps or tools you love with our Integration Platform.

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