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ISS and Oneflow

Multiple departments, Oneflow


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ISS has been at the forefront of innovative workplace management solutions since the beginning of the 20th century. While they’ve expanded rapidly and grown around the world, they still had a remnant of their 20th-century foundation. Paper contracts.

It was time for them to upgrade their contract process that suits the standard of the 21st century. They took a leap forward in that direction when deciding to work with Oneflow’s digital contracts.

Inger Lovise Lunde, HR Support Leader at ISS World in Norway saw the need for digital contracts right away. She says, “I saw so much time being spent on the sheets and the paper and everything. So I introduced Oneflow to other departments at ISS, and then it turned out that we were already in dialogue with each other. And then it was very easy moving forward.”

ISS offers so many solutions that make their customer’s workplaces more efficient and operate smoother. From technical and security offerings that digitalize offices and shore up their facilities, to workspace and workforce management. They streamline processes that touch every aspect of an organization.

Since they work wonders in that regard for others outside of their company, it was about time they do it inside of their company as well.

Twice is nice but three times is better

For Inger Lovise, it’s her third time implementing and working with Oneflow’s digital contracts throughout her professional career. So, she’s well acquainted with the benefits of them and how they make her life, and work easier. 

“I find Oneflow very time-saving. I don’t have to go anywhere to find things. It’s all in the system. I know where it is. And I think that we look more professional. We’re in 2021, soon 2022, we don’t do paperwork anymore,” she states.

She’s right. And that’s one thing that Oneflow excels at, reducing the amount of administration and removing the friction of fighting for a signature. Which is not only great for Inger Lovise in HR but for other departments too. 

Multiple departments, Oneflow 

At ISS, they use workspaces inside of Oneflow, so their Legal and Sales departments use digital contracts daily for their agreements as well. It’s a one-stop-shop platform for them. And according to Inger Lovise, the benefits of digital contracts are dispersed across the departments. 

“Our Sales director says that it’s easier for our salespeople to secure a signature because people these days, they always have their phone with them. They don’t have to run to a printer and then ‘print’ and then ‘scan’ and then do all the boring stuff.” She goes on to say, “So, it’s easier for them to get a signature because they can sign in the car, they can sign them in the cabin, they can sign them on the bus.”

The flexibility of being able to sign anywhere at any time is an absolute advantage of digital contracts. As it’s true that people are more connected digitally than at any other time in history. It’s especially appreciated when it comes to negotiations. As that’s where contracts tend to experience the most friction. But with Oneflow, it turns them into an easy conversation. 

“Instead of doing both, first the offer and then negotiations and then the contract, we move quickly onto the contract. And then we have the negotiation there and that’s quite easy. It moves the point to yes or no very quickly on a deal,” Inger Lovise remarks.  

Digitalizing with digital contracts

ISS is at the bleeding edge of digitalizing workspaces by innovating the user experience inside of an organization. For example, they’ve designed digital tools for ordering food, cleaning services, and strategic workplace management solutions. They certainly know what to look for when it’s time to implement a digital solution for themselves. It comes down to a few things according to Inger Lovise, ease of use and value for money. 

“2 things matter most. It has to be very easy for the organization because we have 10,000 people in Norway. So we have lots of managers and leaders out there and they have to find it easy to use.” She goes on to say, “It’s not only me when I pick tools, but it’s also because I think that they will find it easy to use. And of course, it has to be a good value for money.”

Whether you’re a digital native or not, Oneflow is easy to use regardless of your digital maturity. That was one of the reasons they decided to go with Oneflow. Inger Lovise even joked that despite being 25 years into her career as an HR and Sales professional, she still found Oneflow so easy and intuitive to use.

Oneflow, Many countries

ISS is a global company, with employees and contracts, everywhere. According to Inger Lovise, she wants to streamline and use one platform for all of their contracts, not only across the Nordics but in an ideal world, around the globe. 

“Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was on one platform across all countries?” she says. 

It definitely would be.

You can get started with digital contracts to digitalize your process and have them all on one platform.

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