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How sales, HR and procurement teams use Oneflow for contract management

contract management oneflow

Did you know that Oneflow is designed to streamline contract workflows and contract management for all departments in your company?

Contract management and Oneflow; Recently, Oneflow activity has reached new levels with a record number of active users. One explanation for this is that many, in the wake of the corona crisis, see new needs for digital working methods, and therefore find new uses for Oneflow. The world must continue to spin, even though we cannot currently meet face to face.

Let’s take a look at how you can use Oneflow to streamline contract workflows for your entire business.

The most common use cases

The most common use cases Oneflow to streamline contract workflows for sales, HR, and procurement. Employment contracts, quotes, and purchase agreements account for the majority of the contracts created and sent in Oneflow.


Increase hit rate and shorten sales cycle. Update the quote live while you negotiate with your prospect. All it takes is a few clicks because the quote sits inside the browser. Never again email back and forth to get the details right before uploading to your e-sign tool. Follow how your prospect interacts with the quote in order to be able to make contact at just the right moment. When your prospect receives, opens, comments, and signs, you’ll be notified, which makes it much harder for your prospect to drop off the face of the earth.

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Employment contract management

A 100% digital employment contract is something that will impress your candidate. Perhaps it is even what gets the coveted talent to accept your offer. Did you know that 70% of all employment contracts sent via Oneflow are signed on a mobile device? With interactive and responsive agreements that do well on any device, the candidate can fill in their information and sign the agreement wherever they are. The candidate does not need to go into the office to sign his employment contract or mail a scanned copy. Your new colleague will thank you!

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Procurement and contract management

A procurement process can be a very drawn-out story. The agreement must be approved and signed by several different actors and the negotiations can be drawn in many directions before an agreement has been reached. Halve the time it takes for this process to reach your goal.

By setting up flows and easily delegating signing rights, you both save time for everyone involved and take control of the process. Avoid long email threads by handling all the negotiations directly in the agreement, either with the comment function in Oneflow or with emails that sync automatically. Minimize the risk of misunderstanding because there is only one version of the agreement. Audit history that logs all activity is stored together with the contract.

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More useful areas

All types of documents that need a signature can be created with Oneflow. And the best part is that Oneflow can be adapted to each team and department, to support current workflows and needs.

Furlough agreements

Something that is relevant in these times is agreements on furloughs. In Oneflow you create and send these in a snap. Your employees can use the agreement’s comment feature to ask questions, and quickly e-sign with one click.

Meeting protocols

Have you been in a board meeting and needed to sign the minutes? Upload it in Oneflow and send it to your board colleagues who can easily e-sign at the touch of a button. The protocol is then saved in Oneflow’s archive for secure and easy access when you need to retrieve it.


Avoid the hassle of looking up payroll information. As a payroll officer, you can get notifications when an employment contract has been signed and have the details about the new employee automatically transferred to the payroll system.

Stock options

Make it easy for you and your employees to sign stock option contracts. Create them in Oneflow and easily send them away for e-signing. If questions arise, you can have a dialogue with the employee directly in the contract’s comment field.

Leave applications

Management of leave applications is usually associated with hours of administration work. But in Oneflow, you send out applications that your employees fill out and sign digitally, quickly, and easily. All applications are then saved in the same place and you can share them with interested parties.


Are you tired of chasing documents every time it’s time to close the annual accounts? In Oneflow, all agreements with associated documentation and communication are stored in one place. And contract data , such as customer information, products and prices, can be automatically transferred to your accounting system. 

Consulting agreements

There is a lot of admin in the mix when it comes to consulting jobs. Do yourself a favor by creating and sending consultancy agreements with Oneflow. Easily invite all parties to sign, and get automatic reminders when the assignment is about to expire. As soon as you can, you can present a new assignment for the consultant with a simple click.

Of course, there are lots of more use cases and types of agreements that can be managed in Oneflow. Your imagination is the limit!

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