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Close deals faster with Oneflow Contract Management for Salesforce

We have a cure for bottlenecks in your sales process and it’s called Oneflow Contract Management for Salesforce.

Did you know that Oneflow is the Nordic leader in Contract Management on Salesforce AppExchange? It’s true, and we couldn’t be more proud! Check out this screenshot.

Let automated contract management do the work for you

Let’s be honest for a sec. Who wants to spend time retyping data you’ve already entered in Salesforce onto your business proposal, with the risk of getting it wrong, when you can have that taken care of for you automatically? Do you seriously want to create your proposal in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, email back and forth with your prospect, and upload the signed contract to Salesforce, when you can handle all that directly within Salesforce? We probably don’t need to guess your answer.

With Oneflow Contract Management for Salesforce, you can close deals much faster by automating the last mile of your sales process. Let us give you a glimpse of how a less stressful life could be with these three scenarios.

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Scenario 1: Never miss an opportunity

It’s late in the evening and you’re feeling the tension from the last couple of weeks catching up with you. You’ve been working your hardest for what feels like an eternity to seal the deal with a huge prospect. If you nail this, it could mean the world to your business, and to your career.

You’re on your way to the gym to blow off some steam when a notification pops up on your phone. It’s the prospect. They want to make some changes to the proposal before signing. Luckily, you’re a Oneflow for Salesforce user which means that your proposal is 100% web-based and extremely easy to edit, even after sent. You call the prospect to negotiate their new demands, reach an agreement, and make the changes directly in the proposal from your mobile device. Your prospect sees the new changes in the live proposal, checks that everything looks good and signs the contract using secure eID. You end the call with a thank you for the business and let out a quiet roar of excitement. You go on with your evening that just got ten times better, set a new personal record on the treadmill, while all the admin is automatically taken care of for you. Because Oneflow handles all your contract management for Salesforce. Ah, the sweet smell of success!

Scenario 2: Focus on closing deals, not admin

You know this sensation so well. It’s your body telling you to have that second cup of coffee of the day. While you walk past your sales reps on your way to the coffee machine, it strikes you how damn proud you are of them. As Head of Sales, you know how hard they work to transform their opportunities into closed deals. You also know how lazy they can be when it comes to admin. But who can blame them? After all, chasing new business is where the magic happens.

You thank your lucky stars that Oneflow’s integration with Salesforce automates what your sales reps would call boring work, while deciding on an americano from the coffee machine. With Oneflow’s contract management for Salesforce, your sales reps no longer need to manually put in the products associated with the opportunity to the proposal. They can also easily link Contacts from different Salesforce Accounts to their Oneflow Contracts, making sure that their contracts are complete with the right information. The data once entered in Salesforce is automatically transferred to the proposals. And the best part is that everything is fast and easy, which means that your sales reps can focus on what they do best – closing deals. And you can be 100% sure that everything is stored in one safe place. You take a sip of the freshly brewed coffee when you hear the clear sound of the bell ringing for yet another closed deal.

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Scenario 3: Closely watch every stage of your deal

It’s that time of the month again. Closing Week is here and it’s as busy as ever. The air is thick with frustration as prospects suddenly have gone underground, and reaching budget seems like a mission impossible. As Head of Sales, it’s no surprise that you would like to have full control of your sales pipeline. And that you wish you could look into the future to see when your team is going to close all your pending deals. With Oneflow Contract Management for Salesforce, you can. Well, sort of. Thanks to the overview of contract status directly in Salesforce, you can be on top of your deals and use the data you have to predict when your prospect is going to click the Sign button. This feature has been like a magic pill for Closing Weak Stress, and lets your team take quick action with instant notifications on contract updates. There’s no way your prospects can hide anymore, as you know when and how many times they open your Oneflow proposal. You feel like the most powerful superhero with Oneflow’s integration with Salesforce. Bring it on, Closing Week! Wanna know more about Oneflows contract management for Salesforce? Read about it here.

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