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Life at Oneflow: Working wonders with Ankit Mittal

life at oneflow
Life at Oneflow

To move abroad is a huge leap of faith. There are so many things to take into consideration, will I even like my new job? My colleagues? What if I hate where I live? Plus the possibility of being homesick. Yet, it also provides lots of opportunities for growth and new experiences. You have to leave your comfort zone to figure out some things about yourself. It’s those who take that leap of faith that tend to learn the most. And there are lots of those leapers who land at Oneflow.

There are countless documented experiences of people moving abroad having fulfilling, rich, and learning experiences in their newfound countries, cities, and workplaces. It’s an opportunity to forge a new path forward for yourself. Personally and professionally.

Taking the leap

An example of a person who took that leap is Ankit Mittal. On paper, he’s the Technical Integration Manager here at Oneflow. But in reality, like the rest of the people there, there’s a lot more to the person than just a title. And he’s taken more than one leap of faith. Over his 13-year career in product development and integration management, he’s worked in five different countries including his native India! Sweden, of course, is the latest country that he’s put his skills to use.

“I’ve worked in multiple countries, such as the UK, Bahrain, India, Egypt, and now in Sweden. My wife was presented with an opportunity to work in Stockholm, which she was keen on taking. Of course, I wanted to stay with her and we have our little daughter who needs her parents. So my then employer at the time helped me find a position here in Stockholm,” says Ankit.

The path laid itself down before him and Ankit enthusiastically ventured down it. After moving to Stockholm he found his current position at Oneflow. Immediately, he felt good about the opportunity. 

“I came across this wonderful opportunity of integration and product manager at Oneflow. So, I appeared for the interview. I really liked the environment they had. Oneflow was around 70 people then and they were all very close-knit. And I mean the kind of culture this company has now, they had then too,” Ankit says. 

Despite growing to over 100+ employees in three different countries, Oneflow has managed to maintain a tight-knit and close culture similar to smaller companies according to Ankit. 

“I believe it’s this diversity that fuels the innovation that drives Oneflow and helps in making it what it is today. It creates an ecosystem that fosters creativity and helps bring together different perspectives, ideas, and voices that can produce a unique idea, output, or strategy. This diversity allows us to learn and excel in a diverse and creative learning environment.”

Ankit Mittal

Technical and Integration Manager


Chart your path

A huge reason that people look for new roles is to progress in some way or another. They want a new challenge, new responsibilities, or to forge their own way forward. That’s exactly what Ankit has found during his time at Oneflow. He started in December of 2020 and has had plenty of time to make an impact on his future and Oneflow’s.

He says, “At Oneflow, you get this freedom to work across the company. Regardless of which stream you work with. As long as it’s helping you to grow both intellectually or towards achieving what you want, you can do that. You have this flexibility.”

He mentions that he can grow into the role that he wants and can work outside of what may be in his job description. Which is something that he enjoys. It’s also an advantage. 

“I’d say that that’s an advantage of being here. You’re not restricted to your role. Whatever you want to contribute with, you can do that,” says Ankit.

Flexibility is a great thing to have. Especially when it comes to planning out your career. Not everyone has a solid grasp of what they want to do or can do. So having the ability to figure that out on your own is a great situation to find yourself in, which Ankit agrees with. 

life at oneflow

Diverse economy of ideas

On top of finding yourself in good circumstances professionally, there’s also a solid working environment at Oneflow. One where you’re surrounded by people from all walks of life. 

On a daily basis, Ankit works with people of all different backgrounds. When it comes to professional, personal, ethnic, nationality, and more. It’s easy to pay lip service and commit token acts that showcase a willingness to be inclusive or diverse, but it’s harder to live up to those expectations. We tend to see these all the more common these days with board room brainstormed hashtags, campaigns, and videos

According to Ankit, Oneflow backs up their talk. “To be really honest in my career, Oneflow is the only organization where I’ve gotten to meet and interact with such a diverse group of people. If I’m not wrong, we have colleagues from around 20, 25 countries here.” Ankit goes on to say, “I mean, we are all from such a different background, and yet none of us feel out of place here. So, I’d say that if we measure Oneflow in terms of diversity, I would rate it the top in of the companies whom I’ve worked for.”

For a person who has a wealth of international experience, it’s refreshing to know that Ankit has found a company that matches his own experiences when it comes to diversity.

It’s enriching to have such diverse points of view and thought processes on a team, a department, and inside of a company. There’s no one way to solve a problem, and having different thinkers and personalities can often lead to a better solution. This is one of the many benefits that having more diversity and inclusivity inside a workplace can have. 

“I believe it’s this diversity that fuels the innovation that drives Oneflow and helps in making it what it is today. It creates an ecosystem that fosters creativity and helps bring together different perspectives, ideas, and voices that can produce a unique idea, output, or strategy. This diversity allows us to learn and excel in a diverse and creative learning environment,” says Ankit.

Lessons to learn

There’s a lot that can be learned from this environment and implemented elsewhere. As Ankit realizes that we’re all in this together and the more we share, the better. As the rewards are there for everyone to reap.

“If the environment is inclusive and diversified you can be at your most creative. You stop thinking about everything else, and then you focus on what you want to do if you don’t have to worry about being different in a different place. And then the only thing that you’ll focus on will be to succeed.”

Ankit is right. According to a study from the University of California Berkeley, diversity enhances creativity and can improve the bottom line of a company. 

He shares that sentiment, “How business gets impacted by this, is that having a different perspective or having different thought process in how you tackle a problem, in a novel way allows you to provide a solution to what your customer wants.”

If you build it, they will come

As mentioned before, company culture is what brought Ankit to Oneflow in the first place. He immediately knew that it was a place that he saw himself enjoying, and thriving at. But what is it about Oneflow that they get right in that regard?

It could be the core values that have permeated the culture of the company. Naturally, every company has them. Same with a mission statement and vision. But the values are easier to live out in the day-to-day rather than an abstract vision.

Sometimes, company values can sound a bit jargony. “Show love, Work wonders, #InItTogether, Beat yesterday and In transparency we trust,” are what is listed on the Oneflow website. But when he thinks of Oneflow, what comes to mind for Ankit?

“Work wonders.”

He says that because he and his team have been able to solve problems, create new integrations for customers noting that everything has gone wonderful. He also attributes this to the fact that he and his team complement each other.

“The culture at Oneflow helped each of us to understand what the strengths that the other person has and where the skillset of this particular person can be utilized more. So we complement each other pretty well. We try to identify the strengths and the weaknesses of each other, and we align ourselves to produce the best results,” Ankit says.

life at oneflow

Make the jump

It’s not an easy thing to do, taking a leap of faith. As you never know how the landing is going to go. Yet, that’s exactly what Ankit recommends that someone should do. Especially when it comes to Oneflow, as at least here he knows the landing will be a smooth one. 

“What I can definitely vouch for is the wonderful group of colleagues that we have at Oneflow. And that makes it easier to just blend in. Mesh within the culture and grow forward,” Ankit says. 

He mentions that he’s been in contact with a fellow countryman of his who will soon join Oneflow to give him advice and answer his questions. He also encouraged this future Oneflower to take the jump. 

“I encouraged him to take this leap of faith. To come here to work with a fantastic group of people and progress his career even further forward.”

If you’re feeling adventurous, we encourage you to take the leap as well. Check out our career page or get in touch with us if that’s the case!


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