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How to keep company culture alive while working remotely

Remote working culture

Are you also struggling with keeping the culture and team spirit in your workspace alive now when everyone’s working from home? We hear you. At Oneflow, we had just before COVID-19 hit created an activity calendar for the entire year /with activities based on our Core Values. Well, that plan fell apart and we had to quickly get creative to answer the question: how do we keep the culture alive while working remotely? Have a look at the activities we’ve done so far, and get some inspiration for how to keep the culture alive while working remotely!

Step counting competition

It is difficult to stay physically active when you are stuck working from home, so to encourage each other to get moving, we challenged each other in a step counting competition. Each team at Oneflow represented a team in the competition, and each team member counted their steps during one week using their phone. When the average number of steps were counted, we could declare our amazing Customer Success Team as winners. And Joel, who works in that team, won the individual step competition!

Company culture with remote work

Online workout

More movement for the people! Our collaboration with SATS gives us access to their classes online. Once a week, we do a workout on Zoom during lunch, with everything from yoga to core workout. The perfect way to fuel up with endorphins for the tired afternoon hours!

Online fika keeps the company culture while working remotely

Under normal circumstances, we always have a fika at 3 PM every Thursday. We eat something yummy and read Kudo Cards with positive feedback to colleagues and teams that have gone the extra mile during the week. To maintain this tradition from our home offices, we created a Slack channel where we give each other kudos. We have the fika on Zoom where we read the feedback and chit chat.

Screenshot of Oneflow colleges having fika over Microsoft Teams.

Company culture: Slack Food Channel

If there’s one thing that all Oneflowers have in common, it’s that we’re lovers of food! We’re always curious to see what everyone brought for lunch, and we love to try new restaurants, takeaways, and recipes. That’s why we started a Slack channel where everyone can post pictures of their lunch, share recipes, inspiration, and nice takeaway places.

Collage of food shared among colleges at Oneflow.

Photo Competition

A nice thing with everyone working from home is that you get a sneak peek into your colleagues’ homes during video meetings. Why not have a photo competition then on the theme Home Office! We created a Slack channel where everyone could post pictures from their home offices. We then voted in the categories Best View, Coziest Office, and Funniest Office. Here are the winners:

Picture of working remotely with a view
Picture of creative ways of creating a desk during quarantine (of toilet paper and hand sensitiser)
Pictures of a balcony and sunshine

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